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Are you considering buying a new home or renovating your current property or adding a home office, take heed of this insight before doing any updating to your home/workspace. There are options available to Detroit's Black entrepreneurs especially.
Pleasure is a Healthy Part of Sex:
Did you know that sex furniture is a thing? Well, it is, and here are a few Black-owned brands that can get you started.
Doreen Hunter The Style Whisperer
Doreen Hunter fondly remembers her childhood and afternoon drives with her family through Detroit’s historic neighborhoods. She was fascinated by the huge mansions and wondered what lay behind those massive doors and beveled windows. It was that early inspiration that led her to a career in design.  After briefly studying...
Lady Crenshaw began her interior design career almost 30 years ago. Over the years she has worked with countless clients across Detroit.
home decor
Kizzmett and Harold Collins walk us through their midcentury home, designed by famed architect Irving Tobocman, and dressed up with the help of designer Jeanine Haith and a thoughtful sprinkling of African art.