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Photo by Daniel Thomas on Unsplash
Monday's are often seen as the beggining of another work week, but this doesn't have to be the case. In fact, I would argue that Monday is the perfect time to set yourself up for success.
It’s easy to fall into a slump this time of year, so we’ve got you covered with a little midweek pick-me-up of empowerment. Here is a roundup of 5 motivational tweets that will give you a little push to get through the holiday and finish up the week strong. https://twitter.com/AriTheDon/status/1458311446941536257 https://twitter.com/kemimarie/status/1460214558467887120 https://twitter.com/VINETTRIA/status/1459243903677190147 https://twitter.com/etherealdeen/status/1458417762477477891 https://twitter.com/iamthecreatress/status/1459517716398804993
Toni Jones
The nine-track album is chock full of positive and inspirational messages for the "grown ass woman" to help her tackle work, life, love and self.