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The pair have collaborated on a collection of vintage-inspired skirts and dresses.
spring fashion
Spring is here and as we shed our sweatpants and slippers, we look to embrace fashion, hope and a future with a little less distance and a lot more style.
The status quo has been done away with across industries, including fashion. Creatives and consumers are calling for a long-overdue makeover – and equity paired with inclusion is what’s on trend.
art investing
Considering art as an investment opportunity? An area couple shares their strategy.
Sarah Elizabeth Ray
On Tuesday, March 30, BLAC will host writer Desiree Cooper and filmmaker Aaron Schillinger to discuss their short film and the life of Sarah Elizabeth Ray.
313 Day
To celebrate 313 Day, we swung by a few classic Detroit spots, from the city's oldest jazz club to a royal riverboat.
home decor
Kizzmett and Harold Collins walk us through their midcentury home, designed by famed architect Irving Tobocman, and dressed up with the help of designer Jeanine Haith and a thoughtful sprinkling of African art.
Zoom School
Much has been discussed about whether this setup allows our children to grasp all that they need academically, but what about their social and emotional learning? One Detroit family opens up about how they’re trying to stay afloat in a sea of strange.
Neighborhood Essentials
Tre Hobbs says it’s about more than just getting high – he wants to empower his community.
Kamala Harris
No matter your party affiliation or whether you agree with all of her political moves, there’s no denying the magnitude of this moment, for our people and for our country.
Detroit history
This Black History Month, recall some of the moments, movements and people central to the story of Black Detroit.
Charles H. Wright Museum
During this celebration of the African diaspora, what better way to honor what Black history means to the city of Detroit than to check in with the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History?

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