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Discover Spill, an innovative Black-owned app taking on Twitter! Embrace a new era of inclusive and secure social media. #SpillApp
Black-Owned Travel Apps
Plan your next adventure with these travel apps for Black travelers
"Geek Girl," New Book about Black Women in Tech
Why does the word “geek” still bring a male figure to mind? Why do men continue to outnumber women in the high-technology industry? Since 2014, a growing number of employment discrimination lawsuits have called attention to a persistent pattern of gender discrimination in the tech world. Much has been...
Detroit is once again the site of something that can’t be seen or found anywhere else, not including the people. Apple--yes, that Apple--has opened the first ever American installation of their Developer Academies right here in the Motor City.  “Detroit has an incredible entrepreneurial spirit, powered by creativity and inclusion,...
social technologies
They’ve kept us connected to one another, granted us public spaces to share and grieve, allowed those of us lucky enough to be able the ability to work from home – and then, when all else failed, helped us dance it out.
The new Facebook Messenger program blends education and technology and allows users to access post-secondary information in an instant.