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black travel
Looking for an unforgettable journey full of exquisite cuisine and captivating travel? We got you.
Black & Abroad
Black and Abroad® is changing the way the world sees Black travelers by celebrating our roots, culture, and innovation. Traveling the world with purpose
BLAC has compiled a short list of ten very important things to consider before flying anywhere.
Culture and local color reign supreme on the untouched island of St. Croix.
My trip to Cancun Mexico
When in Cancun, don’t be afraid to go beyond the resort walls, in fact be emboldened. Plan to get beyond the same food plans, the watered-down rail alcohol and take advantage of the time you have away.
Before Moving to South Africa Read This
Moving to South Africa with my 9-year-old daughter comes with lots of learned lessons along the way — but much needed lessons.
If you are looking for a great staycation hotel, you don’t need to look further; Michigan has some of the best Midwestern U.S. has to offer.
hurch of San Pedro in Cartagena, Colombia
Imagine walking into your Airbnb and having a hammock waiting for you looking out into the Caribbean Sea. Mouth dropped. Que music, drop the luggage. Quick! Hurry up and change out of those airport clothes, pop the bottle you got from duty free and just sit in peace for...
The U.S. State Department has issued a “Do Not Travel” advisory for six Mexican states as parts of the country is hit by gang violence.
Writer Frenchie Davis in Zanzibar
Zanzibar: think of the bluest waters, romantic wildlife, and indigenous foods and spices that will force you to abandon your American diet.
The sights. The sounds. The experiences. There’s no place quite like San Juan, Puerto Rico. Our group of five arrived on the island after a late-afternoon flight from Detroit Metro Airport and catching a connecting flight out of New York’s JFK Airport. Once we had checked into our hotel: the Sheraton Puerto...
Until the pandemic, Black tourism, especially Black international tourism, saw record growth numbers.  But now that the pandemic is waning in most of the world, Black travelers have also admitted that racial unrest also played a part in when and where they would visit, instead of settling for majority...