On the Couch: Insecure Recap – “There’s Therapy for That”

  • Jennifer the Therapist will recap the episode from the perspective of a therapist.
  • The theme for Season 5 is “Are we going to be okay?”
  • My answer: “I don’t know, but I hope so.”

But, before I get carried away with my therapy mind, let me get a few things out the way (in no particular order):

  • 1. T-Pain ain’t never been fine!
  • 2. So, Issa was just going to keep stuntin’ on us with the Telfar bags?
  • 3. The-Dream “I Luv Your Girl” is a forever classic.
  • 4. Your will friends will show up to support you, no matter what. I’m glad they gave Kelli her flowers while she is still alive. 
  • 5. Did ya’ll notice how Molly stepped in front of Issa when that gun came out?
  • 6. Molly to Issa (season 4): You’re always using people… Issa (season 5): breaks up with Lawrence after he picks her up from the airport. (Yes, we’re definitely side eyeing Issa, after that move.)
  • PAUSE: didn’t he move to San Francisco?

If you weren’t moved by Issa’s revelation, check your pulse. Are you on the right path? Or wasting your time?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been like Issa; want something, get it and then don’t want it anymore?

There’s therapy for that… Come sit on my virtual couch, with Jennifer the Therapist

Speaking of therapy, Molly’s Mindfulness advise from her therapist, Dr. Rhonda… easier said than done, right? The entire premise of mindfulness is being present, in the moment, regardless of what’s going on around you. An overachiever like Molly will no doubt lose her mind trying to do something like that without guidance. It is neither reflecting on the past or worrying about the future. It is literally centering your mind on what is happening at that very second. Look out the window, how many blades of grass are blowing in the wind? What color socks do you have on? How many other things in the room are that same color? If you are standing, what does the ground feel like under your feet? Get it, ground, grounded?  


Though, Molly often tries to force her internal to match her external (environment) with minimal regard to the clear disconnect in her face. Much like Joan, from Girlfriends, Molly has a need for control and a desperation to create the perfect family. For example, Molly and Andrew broke up like 2 months ago and the moment she finds out a hook up was in the works she started her lowkey thirsting. Ugh! MA’AM! Please, take a moment and do the work on yourself with your therapist!

Healing takes time and practice and then more time. 

There’s my thoughts. See you next week, for episode 2!

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