Catch the New ‘Jennifer Hudson Show’ Starting Monday

The multi-awarded actor and musician is taking on a whole new project: her very own daytime talk show

Jennifer Hudson has established herself in film, on stage, and in music. She is a proud EGOT — Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony — winner. Daytime TV is her next conquest. Beginning on Monday, Sept. 12, “The Jennifer Hudson Show” will be one of the newcomers filling the hole left by the cancellation of the long-running series presented by Ellen DeGeneres, Wendy Williams, and Maury Povich. The show’s premiere coincides with the star’s 41st birthday.

The Chicago-native talked about why a daytime program has been a “dream,” and how she’ll combine her other endeavors with the day job in an interview with The Associated Press. “It’s been a dream of mine, and I’ve been blessed to achieve a lot of my goals and dreams thus far. This is yet another one. Now, at 40, I have learned enough and I’ve earned the right to be able to sit on the couch and talk to somebody,” Hudson said.

Now that she’s starting a full-time career as a daily show host, the star will be taking fewer projects in singing and acting. “Saying goodbye to them is like saying goodbye to myself. It’s all a part of me, and you make room for what you love. Once I find the balance, then I’ll find the places,” she said. The way my career is designed has helped me engage with a lot of people, which has led me to this. When they say, would you choose singing or acting, I hope I never have to choose between any of them.”

For those who are wondering if they’ll get to listen to Hudson’s iconic singing voice on the show, you will just have to watch the show for that perfect moment when a song, or dance, would be warranted. “More, I think, as an expression or whatever the moment requires, I don’t want anything that’s just like planned and I hold the mic up under my chin,” she said. “It just has to hit my spirit … Or if you want to dance, I’m ready for that too.”

In Detroit, catch the show on weekdays on WDIV/NBC at 3 p.m.


In Memphis, catch the show weekdays on 24 – WATN at 4 p.m. and 4 a.m.

In D.C., catch the show weekdays on 5 – WTTG/Fox at 1 p.m.

In Seattle, catch the show on weekdays on KCPQ at 12 p.m. and KZJO at 2 p.m.

In Chicago, catch the show on WFLD/Fox at 11 a.m.

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